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Become aware of your emotions, triggers and subconscious belief systems affecting the chemistry of your body. Using various techniques you can become conscious of your subconscious belief systems that are not serving you.  How is life showing up for you lately?

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Stress is a state of mind that originates from within.  As long as we continue to see stress as something outside of us, we will be victims of it and it's negative effect on our body.  It is the way we are perceiving the world (life, work, relationship, etc.) that causes stress, the world itself is not the root cause of our stress. There is NO stress per se, there are only stressful thoughts. These thoughts are set of belief systems and cause emotions that paint the way we see our life.  The energy of our body will follow our thoughts and emotions and cause chemical reactions that can either create a homeostatic, balanced internal environment or they cause pain, malfunction and disease. Thoughts and their subsequent emotions most definitely affect our pH levels. Depression can take us into alkalinity while anger can take us into acidity, thereby altering our health and well-being. Learn simple and easy, yet very effective ways to identify emotional baggage .  As we transmute these emotions/belief systems and thought processes,we neutralize our body chemistry and we allow our body to do what it does naturally, it heals it self.    

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