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Healing our Perception Series  By Stephanie Richmond


I. Healing our Mother Wound 



We are subject to what we hold in our mind.  What do we hold in our mind?  We hold thoughts and these thoughts grouped together form beliefs and these beliefs grouped together form belief systems and these systems are who we think we are. We then project who we think we are onto the screen that we call life.  We project who we think we are.  Who are we?


What we hold in our mind are conscious and subconscious thoughts. We think we know what we are conscious of yet we are not aware of what we hold in our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind not only holds all the data that we have collected from age 0 to present, it also holds all the data that is nicely packed in our DNA from our family system.  In your daily life, your subconscious mind rules.  It dominates.  It sets the playing field.  It directs the movie.  It ousts you from the director's seat and projects that which it believes to be true.  Because you are in default mode you sit and watch the movie that your subconscious mind is projecting, and you believe that what passes in front of you on this screen is “real” and you therefore are subject to it.


Please note! Projecting your life is not the same thing as having an opinion about what you think and see life is. We believe we understand the concept of projection thinking it is all about perception and that everyone is entitled to their own perception and opinion based on what they've lived.  The correct concept of projecting your life means that what you see is what you are creating based on what you hold in your mind. How many times have you heard “there is no reality, only perception”.  This is true if you still think that life happens to you and that something else directs life outside of you and that your only freedom is how to perceive it. In this series we go beyond this and begin to understand and know that everything is cause and effect.    We no longer believe that all I have to do is change my perception and all will change. We need to change what we hold in our mind, not how we perceive.  Realize that everything you see, live, experience is an effect.  The only one that can cause an effect on your life is you!  You are the director.  Either you are in the director's chair or your subconscious mind is in the director's chair.  You choose!!!  You always cause the effect.  Your only true freedom is choosing who sits in the director's chair.


You are either in default mode or you are consciously directing your mind to be at the service of something greater.  When we are in default mode, we believe that life happens to us.  That we are victims of the world and of life.  When we are aware/awake/conscious we know that we are the directors of our life through what we hold in our minds.   What I hold, truth or error,  I project, I live and I believe and reinforce, therefore I hold even tighter, project even further and pass it on to the next generations.  I have a choice; I hold Truth or I hold error in my mind. I cause Truth or I cause error.  I cause the Will of the Highest or I cause the will of my ego.


What is Truth?  What is error?





Objectives of  the Healing Perception Series



“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it” A Course in Miracles


1) Free ourselves from error belief systems

1. Identifying belief systems  - error vs Truth 

2. transmuting belief systems  


The problem is that everything is a belief system.  Every thing I studied or learned and now teach is a belief system. The concept that belief systems are either error or truth is a belief system.  So what does transmute really do but exchange one belief system for another?  Is it best to empty ourselves from belief systems?  Herein lies our work and journey from this day forward.  Are you ready?


Only through Love do we heal.  Love is the end goal and love is the means to get there. Love transmutes the error belief systems and helps us empty ourselves from any belief systems so we may become ONE.



Let's start at the beginning, conception.


The role of Father and Mother in conception.


Orders (Forces) of Love – Bert Hellinger


Our life changes when we understand and live by these forces. We are able to remove the barriers (belief systems) that block us from Truth/Love.   They are constant laws like the law of gravity, when we go against them, we feel it!


There are 4 Orders/Forces of Love: 


I. The Force of YES – I say yes to it all as it is. 

1. I surrender to something larger than me.  As I connect to this it takes me straight to love.  This is where I heal.  Unconditional love, connection with the highest. 

2. I say yes to all as is.  I say yes to my life.  I say yes to it all. 



II. The Force of Hierarchy: On an individual basis -  The family members that came first have preference. We must respect them, thank them and honor them.    They gave us life, opened the way and then they will leave and make room for us.  Life will not flow if the smaller ones feel greater than the elders. This preference, recognition and honoring of the elders is a natural order of something much bigger. This order permits us to connect not only to our parents but beyond them, it allows us to connect to the highest. This allows us to accept/take our Mother.  As Bert Hellinger says “without our mother there is nothing, no partner, no success, no health”. 

On a collective basis, the newer systems have preference over the older systems.  The new ones are full of energy and creativity.  They are at the service of life.  The elders retire, make way for and lend service to the newer.  Example – Older parents retire and support their  new families being raised by their children.  Yet, those individuals, children an grandchildren, live in honor and gratefulness to the elders of the family system.  Those who arrive later in the family system must respect those who were already present. When those who arrived first are respected by the newer members they get filled with LOVE and are able to GIVE back.  When the newer generations disrespect the elders, the elders pull back and move away from the newer generations..



III. The force of belonging:  In the big picture we all belong equally within the Whole.  It is a fact. It has its function in Love.  Go with in yourself and you have the right to belong ?

To this world? 

To this country?

To this city?

To this community?

To this neighborhood?

To this family?


In the inherent memory of the morphogenetic field we live in, no one can go missing or be out of place, so when one does the transgression is felt and recompensed by utilizing the newer generations.  In other words, the newer generations pay for what the older generations did not take responsibility for.  In this manner our family system is ensuring the integrity of the field.


Just as you feel the right to belong, so does everyone else have the right to belong.  There can be no exclusions.  We do not heal until we include everyone, until there is no separation. There is a precise place for everyone no matter what has happened or what they have done, they have the right to belong and they have their rightful place.  We all belong to the all.


When one member of the family is out of place or is usurping someone else's place, the system becomes unbalanced and everyone feels it. Someone is being excluded.  Exclusion = Separation.


IV. The force of Balance between Give and Take: this force easily translates to knowing how to be grateful.  When we are thankful/grateful, immediately we balance the energy between giving and receiving.  It has another dimension  - there are polarities in the universe.  Give and receive are polar opposites –  dual forces. As we reconcile and balance the energy we complete the cycle and it brings us closer to love.  Love is not dual, it is one.  It is inclusion.  It is total and complete.  We reconcile polarities to one.  When we unify we reconcile, repair, balance and harmonize.  We move from the world of duality to the ONE.   


The rules of Good Giving:

✓ only give what I have to give

✓ only give what the other can receive

✓ only give proportionally what the other can give back

✓ only give from your adult to the other's adult




The rules for Good Receiving:

✓ value what others give me

✓ thank others by giving back the same and a little bit more to show my appreciation


He who received more than he can give back feels put in a degrading situation which will lead to resentment and the balance of give and receive is broken. 


Enjoyment of live is feeling grateful and appreciative of my elders and all or is it the other way around?


What comes first?  The chicken or the egg? The thought and then the experience?


We go back to Force #1 – When we accept everything we renounce to having to take care of the destiny of the elders and assent to assume all conflicts that life presents.  Through resonance all conflict resolves and lifts all the way up through the ancestry.  Now we become free from being trapped in the memory of the morphogenetic field.  With this new attitude, without knowing, we have created something new and have stopped repeating.  Only by accepting life just as it is, can we connect with the highest creative energy of it all.  We connect with the healing energy that is at the service of the good of all.  LOVE

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