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Family Constellation

Family Constellation is a powerful and beautifully transformative method that addresses current day issues at their source. Your relationship with your family, work, health, money, love and life is merely a reflection of your projection. It is from your mind that your perception of the world arises. You project that which is found in your conscious and subconscious mind. This stems from your upbringing, your family system and ancestry (DNA).

When issues linger and are like a force greater than us and they fail to respond to our best efforts to overcome them, we begin to see they are rooted in events and conditions form the past, our family's past. We have a choice to repeat or to heal.

​Family Constellations bring to light what you are carrying unconsciously for your family system and you are not even aware of. In discovering these loyalties and entanglements, they are then transmuted by the mere loving comprehension that we can choose differently and without guilt. This frees unconscious burdens that prevent us from living life fully alive.

Results are rather immediate and of the highest nature. Sources of your blockages/suf fering turn into a sources of strength that positively enlighten your life and that of future generations.


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