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Family Constellation Facilitator Training Program

By Stephanie Richmond 2024 
Family Constellation Facilitator Training Program


“How to be an effective facilitator of constellations?
You need to be at peace with both your parents.”
Bert Hellinger


The Field,

Orders of Love &

The Subconscious Mind

We will kickoff the training teaching the fundamental and basic components of a Family Constellation: What is the field, understanding the intelligence of the field, walking in the field,what does the field reveal, the order and  dis-orders of a system and their movements. This will be experienced by the students in constellation exercises performed within the group.   


The Traumagram, 

Inherited Trauma


In this Module you will understand your own Genogram and the 4 ways trauma is passed down to the newer generations. This exercise will depend on Homework you will receive  from the previous module.

Mother Wound, Father, the “little” one.

“The way I see Mother will be the way l see life. Father gives us wings to fly”. Mother wound is one of the most noteworthy elements we will study throughout the entire course. Students will experience a full immersion into their mother and father wounds discovering the subtle yet complex concept of being the “little one.”




Taking Mother & Father, Relationships. 

Pillars of Love

In this module students will learn what taking Mother and Father is and how it affects the system.  How relationships are formed within the system and Bert Hellinger’s view on the ebb and flow of love relationships and what elements create health or dis-ease with in relationships.


Interrupted movements, violence, manipulation, adoption, abortion, no relationship

In this module students will learn how to read the movements, body language, verbal cues, and other elements within a constellation.

Project Purpose & Timeline 

In this module students will learn other elements and tools to use to help discover what the client could be entangled with or loyal to within their system.




Child - Adult - Parent

& Orders of Abundance and Orders of Aiding

This module will take the student into their own stances - if they show up in their system as the child - adult - parent and where they stand within the orders of abundance or the orders of giving help, and what that means within systemic constellations. Learning how to constellate an organization/business.


Crisis vs Resistance 

Enneagram and Constellation

In this Module the student will learn more tools to help better understand themselves and help their clients.

Finding What Mends, Phrases & Movements

In this Module students will experience the movements and phrases that create and allow flow within the client’s life.




True Forgiveness

This module is dedicated to the one, simple yet complex concept of forgiveness.  There is only one forgiveness.  


How to Create Your

Own Practice.

Closing Constellations and Saying YES to Life.

In this Module students will learn the concept of constellating and organization/business and the ins and outs of setting up their own practice.  We will complete constellations for  students and close by seeing the importance of “Yes!” 

“The healing we do in ourselvesbecomes the healingwe bring to the world.”Mark Wolynn

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