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Welcome to the Family Constellation Facilitator Training Program! This program consists of 11 modules beginning February 9, 2024 and ending December 15, 2024. The training will require in-person presence for the modules that will be held every other month in Dallas, Texas and the online classes will be held on the remaining months via Zoom. (Course outline and dates below). To complete the training and effectively facilitate Family Constellations, you will be required to attend both the in-person modules and the online theoretical training. Attendance is important as each module builds and rounds out all aspects of Family Constellation. This training is not only about teaching the practical theory and exercises, it is designed to take each individual student on a deep dive into their own inner work as to experience the work itself, heal, and then from the perspective of a healed healer, they can facilitate and help others do the same.

Module 1 - February 9-11 - Kick Off In Dallas, TX 
Module 2 - March 16 & 17- Zoom  
Module 3 - April 19-21- Dallas, TX 
Module 4 - May 4 & 5 - Zoom  
Module 5 - June 21-23 - Dallas, TX
Module 6 - July 20 & 21 - Zoom
Module 7 - August 16-18 - Dallas, TX
Module 8 - September 21 & 22 - Zoom
Module 9 - October 18-20 - Dallas, TX
Module 10 -November 16 & 17 - Zoom
Module 11 -December 13-15 - Dallas, TX Closing

Practicum - In Person - January 2025 (date TBD)- Supervised facilitations in live constellations.
The 11 module program consists of 217 h
ours. Each student will be provided with written material, online material, and each will receive personal constellations throughout the program.   Attendance is required to be able to receive a certificate of completion.   

The fee for the training program is:  $5,225.00 ($475.00 per module).  
To reserve your place please register below. Registration is now open and closes January
 10, 2024. You will receive a registration confirmation and payment options will be sent to you via email. 
Registration only reserves your place in the class and you will begin to receive class information.
Space is limited.  
Practicum:  In January 2025 we will gather to practice live - schedule and details to follow. 
The cost of the practicum is separate.  Practicum is not required. With this training and practicum you will be prepared to embark a new journey as a Family Constellation Facilitator or add elements you had not considered to your current practice. If you are not a practitioner this course will serve you for your own growth and healing and for your own family health.  Whatever you choose to do, this training will take you into a whole new you and a new way to see life and the world you live in. 
Registering for this course reserves your spot.  Payment options and other details will be emailed to you once you register.

The in-person course will be held in Dallas, TX.  Class will commence:

Friday 2:30-5pm, Saturday 10:30-5pm, Sunday 10-5:00pm.

Zoom months: Saturday and Sunday from 12:30-5:30pm.          Times may vary slightly.                                      


FC Training 2024

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